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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a wholesale business, how do I get listed on UKLocalWholesalers.com?

Please use the form on our Submit A Link page.


Do you sell wholesale goods?

No, we're a wholesaler directory. We list details of wholesale businesses on our website, but we don't actually sell goods.


Can I suggest a category?

First of all you should check if there's a relevant category already. For example, if you're looking for tennis goods you'll probably find suitable suppliers in our sporting goods category. If there isn't a relevant category on our website please feel free to use the form on our contact us page and let us know what category you think we should add.


Is UKLocalWholesalers.com associated with any of the wholesalers listed on the website?

We have no direct association as in any form of ownership. We may have used some of the wholesalers in the past and some of them may pay us for additional advertising such as featured listings etc.


I've found a dead link on your website, what should I do?

If you think you've found details on our website for a wholesaler no longer operating please contact us to let us know. Please state the wholesalers name when contacting us, as well as the category you found them in.


Can the wholesalers be trusted?

We have no reason to believe any of them are not trustworthy. We take great care when listing details on our website and we won't list a wholesaler if we're in any doubt, but we advise all potential buyers to check the validity of a wholesaler before parting with any money.


I had problems with one of the wholesalers, will you remove them from UKLocalWholesalers.com?

Please contact us detailing the problems you had. We can't guarantee removal, it all depends on the number of complaints received and other factors such as specifics of the problems. To be fair to all parties we have to appreciate the fact that problems do arise occasionally that are beyond the control of the buyer or the seller, but if we believe a wholesaler is acting illegally or without common decency we will remove their details from our website without hesitation.


What about those wholesale directory membership websites that charge a subscription fee, should I use them?

That's your choice, we neither recommend nor discourage the use of those websites. We don't use them, never have. But if you want to that's up to you, just like not using them is also up to you.


I'm interested in partnering with UKLocalWholesalers.com, who do I contact?
We're always looking for new partners and investors, please use the form on our contact us page to get in touch.


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